Superpowering Smart Contracts With the Cloud


Blockie is now:

"At Blockie we superpower smart contracts to leverage the power of the cloud"

Thomas Backlund - Founder of Blockie

API by Contract (AbC)

AbC is the overarching protocol and infrastructure that Blockie has built to connect smart contracts most notably Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) to the real world. Metaphorically speaking the essence of a DAO is contained on the block chain, and we help provide a physical form.

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More than your basic Oracle

AbC does not only provide ears for smart contracts to listen to the outside world, AbC provides all means necessary for full interaction including all powerful web 2.0 tools. That is why we superpower them

A DAO can be your Customer

AbC allows a DAO to ultimately become your customer or your supplier. Enter the decentralized economy by integrating AbC directly in your backend or through the Blockie Open Market

The Blockie Open Market (BOM)

Build and trade comprehensive applications that can utilize AbC to connect to DAOs and smart contracts. This is where you can mold and shape your DAOs physical form to achieve the desired capabilities available in the real world.

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Buy and sell applications to mold your DAO

Using our open source software tools you can create all necessary applications to power your DAO and connect it to the blockchain through AbC.

Accessible to non-coders

If you don’t have the technical capabilities to build applications from scratch, the BOM allows you to purchase suitable solutions from others on the market.

API By Contract [AbC] will become necessary for all organizations


CEO & Founder

Thomas Backlund

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Thomas Backlund

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Micael Palmgren

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